Venture Capital Jumpstart Course (including Live Group Office Hour with me)


In VC Jumpstart Course, you'll learn a proven framework for VC job search, based on my experience securing 3 VC job offers. Including:

  • How to get more interviews, especially when you don't have connections at the partner level.
  • How to sniff out which firms might be hiring (and score an interview), even when they haven’t posted a job
  • Techniques to make you stand out -- even if you don't have a perfect resume, or you have a non-traditional background
  • The fast and easy process for starting your investment thesis  + multiple examples of investment thesis docs/decks - There's a lot written on how to do this, but rarely do any of those posts cover the minimum set of things you need to do RIGHT NOW to get the ball rolling. 
  • The 30 day "4P Process" for staying on a firm’s radar (without feeling like you’re annoying them) after a coffee chat or an interview.
  • The tell-tale signs that a VC may be ready to make you an offer.
  • How to execute the Networking Sandwich strategy when running your own VC focused meetup or networking dinner.
  • How to identify up and coming VC superstars who can advocate for you and help you reach your career goals

(^^ Matthew got a VC role while still in University because of the course)

The course includes:

👋 Welcome (Video 1) 👋

I'll tell you how to kick off your VC job search process -- and give you 2 counterintuitive tips that'll help you get into the right mindset for the search straight away.

🔨 The Jobs That Can Help You Break Into VC (Video 2) 🔨

I'll show you what stepping stone gigs can put you in a better position to break into VC down the road, and walk you through the different kinds of roles that are available in venture right now.

👀 How To Find Out Which Firms Are Hiring (Video 3) 👀

Some of the best VC opportunities are never posted. I'll show you how to pinpoint funds that might be hiring now or soon, even if they haven't posted a job.

🗣️ How To Get Interviews (Video 4) 🗣️

In this module, I'll show you how a bottoms-up approach to getting interviews can be better than going in high and hot.

🎯 How To Nail Your Interview (Video 5) 🎯

After going through this module, you'll know exactly where and how to spend your time when you're getting ready for the big day.

🥇 How To Stand Out From Every Other Applicant (Video 6) 🥇

I'll show you how to differentiate from the hundreds of folks who are applying for any venture job -- and why it's absolutely critical for VCs to know that you've burned your boats.

💡 How To Stay on a VC's Radar When They're Not Quite Ready to Hire (Video 7) 💡

You'll learn how to use the 4P Method. It'll help you keep you top of mind with the VCs you've met without annoying the heck out of them.

🤝 How To Seal The Deal (Video 8) 🤝

After watching this video, you'll know the telltale signs of a VC that's getting serious about making you an offer.

Get Direct Feedback From Me + Ask Me Anything In The Live Office Hour

This live session is where I answer all of your questions about the course materials and give you straight, unvarnished feedback about whatever's keeping you up at night about your VC job search.

I rarely do live Q&A like this, but I do carve out the time for students of my courses and bundles so they can get maximum impact from the materials.

Here's a look inside recent Office Hours (click to play):

The current VC job hunt landscape

How do you go about choosing the right area?

You'll also get: 

📊 2 VC Financial Modeling Practice Problems (with answer keys and detailed examples) that will teach you concepts like convertible debt and cap tables.

📑 3 Investment Thesis Examples that you can use to help build your own

🔋 4 network boosting videos that show you:

  1. The 3 step process for adding value to any VC
  2. How to build your brand -- and why starting a blog isn't always the answer.
  3. How to execute the Networking Sandwich strategy when running your own meetup or networking dinner
  4. How to find up and coming VC superstars -- and engage with them authentically

Here's why students have signed up for the course:

My Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee

You’ll have 30 days after purchase to work through the course + attend the live video Q&A session with me and the other students -- and then decide if it was worth it. If not, shoot me an email before that 30 days hits to let me know and I'll refund you 100% of what you paid.

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Venture Capital Jumpstart Course (including Live Group Office Hour with me)

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